Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nobody Could Cook Like Aunt Ida

She could fry walleyed pike in a batter
so light
it brought tears
to your eyes.

She made home-made doughnuts
in a deep-fat fryer.
We loved to watch as she
dropped little dough ringlets
into a pool of sizzling lard.

The doughnuts
bobbed and danced
as the fat
sputtered and spit.

In no time, it seemed,
she fished them out
all puffy, crispy, and brown,
sprinkled them with white sugar,
and placed them on parchment paper
to cool.

We could eat all we wanted.

I was told that Aunt Ida
catered her own daughter’s wedding reception.
Following the ceremony,
guests were forced to wait for an hour and a half
while Aunt Ida arranged
the relish trays.

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